Greek Revival America

Wildfire and Americans

Recent Publications

Kennedy’s latest book:
WHEN ART WORKED: The New Deal, Art, and Democracy

Kennedy’s books include:
Minnesota Houses
Men on a Moving Frontier
American Churches
Greek Revival America
Architecture, Men, Women and Money
Orders from France
Rediscovering America
Hidden Cities
Burr, Hamilton, and Jefferson: A Study in Character
Mr. Jefferson’s Lost Cause
Wildfire and Americans
Living on the Edge (co-edited with Austin Troy)
Great Minnesota Houses
When Art Worked: Art, the New Deal, and Democracy (Rizzoli Publishers)
1934: (Smithsonian American Art Museum)
John F. Kennedy: The Making of His Inaugural Address (Levenger Press)

Kennedy was General Editor and Prefaces for each of the twelve volumes of The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America (12 vols.)Kennedy has written prefaces and forwards for the following books: the WPA Guide to Washington, Treasures of the National Museum of American History; The Law and Lore of Portfolio Management, The Art of Clay, Public Uses of Archaeology, The French in America, Philip Hooker, Architect, and Progressive Design in the Midwest. Articles by Kennedy have appeared in Harpers, the Atlantic, Smithsonian, New York Times, Readers Digest, Architectural Digest, House and Garden, Winterthur Quarterly, Law and Contemporary Problems, Harvard Business Review, House Beautiful, American Heritage, Prairie School Review, NY Times, LA Times.

At NBC Kennedy covered the White House and the Supreme Court, and was a correspondent for “Monitor,” “The Today Show” and other news programs. In the 1970s he wrote and presented half-hour documentaries for regional PBS, and in the 1980s was presenter and writer of two series for Discovery Channel: “Roger Kennedy’s Rediscovering America” and “The Smithsonian Presents Invention.”